3 Ways Art Can Transform Your Life Today

Art has so much power in our world. That is why it has existed for hundreds of thousands of years. Have you ever heard about the Bhimbetka and Daraki-Chattan Cupules that could be from 290- 700,000 BCE or the famous Lascaux Paleolithic cave paintings in France that are estimated to be 20,000 years old?


Art is an essential part of our lives and that's why it has been found in almost every culture for thousands of years and it continues to exist to this day. 


Why is this important? Art gives value to our lives. Art makes life special. Can you imagine being happy in a world without music, artwork, or shows?  We as humans need to express ourselves and surround ourselves with the expression of others. Art educates us, lifts our spirits, and inspires us. It continues to help us learn and grow as people. That is why we still go to art museums, see live shows, and listen to music. As I have been actively creating and participating in the arts these past six years, I have learned how art continues to transform lives on a daily basis.



Art gives us the ability to appreciate certain spaces and allows us to value and understand our world and the different circumstances involved in the human experience. 


Art also has the power to impact people's lives. Art can inspire, educate, and remind us what's really important in life because it gives us perspective. That is why I believe it is so important to see a live show, go to an art museum, watch a movie, or read a book. It truly puts our lives into perspective. When we start to gift ourselves with these opportunities, we can take a step back, evaluate our own lives, evaluate what's going on in the world, and reflect. That is why I believe it is so important to try and incorporate art into your life every day. 

Throughout much of my life, I did not even know that I could draw or paint. It was not a skill that I really tapped into until I was 16 years old.  But ever since I have immersed myself in the arts, I have really gotten a sense of what's important in life. Every time I paint or visit an art museum, I feel appreciative of what I have.  I personally love to create because it has allowed me to listen to myself, be in touch with myself, who I am, and what I believe in. It has also taught me to leave my comfort zone and therefore, learn and grow as a person.  


There was a scientific study done at the University of Tor Vergata School of Nursing in Rome that showed that among stroke survivors, those who had an interest in the arts benefitted from a better general health, found it easier to walk, had more energy, and were happier. These scientific studies also proved that these people were less likely to be depressed or anxious. Science also has proven that art creates long-term changes in the brain that helps a person recover when things go wrong. 


Calm Seas, Watercolor on Stonehenge, 22 x 30in




When we see and connect with art, it is possible to experience a rise in emotions because it introduces us to new experiences, provides us with a deeper understanding of our emotions, self-awareness, and shines light on questions we never even knew we had. This rise in emotions within us allows us to explore and interpret what we are feeling. Because of that fact, art has the ability to help us understand whom we are as people, therefore allowing us to personally heal, grow, and improve ourselves. This increased self- awareness through art has been known to lead to more success personally and professionally. 


The Release, Oil on Canvas, 52 x 70in


I believe that it is essential to incorporate art into your daily life. I also think art has a lot of power to transform your life and mindset when it is presented within your home. When you invest in a work of art, you are investing in a visual story that you are putting on your walls. Almost every work of art has a story behind it or a story within it because nothing is ever created in a vacuum. Even if the painting is not characterized as a narrative, there was a story, a life experience, a meaning or an intention that inspired that artist to create that particular work. There was a mission and an idea behind that painting. When you invest in art, those ideas, stories, and experiences now decorate your home and have a presence in your living and working spaces. 


Before, Oil on Canvas, 65 x 55in


Have you ever had an emotional connection to a work of art? Have you ever experienced a work and could not seem to explain that feeling that it gave you? You were experiencing those feelings because you were probably connecting with the artist's story, their voice, and their experience. 



After, Oil on Canvas, 65 x 85in

I always love visiting people's homes that have art all over the walls. I personally always feel connected and intrigued by the drawing I'm looking at or at that the particular brushstrokes of a painting. By observing their work, I somehow feel connected to the artist and start to understand their story and background. 

The Release, Oil on Canvas, 52 x 70in

That's why I always share with you the stories and experiences that have inspired me to create each individual work and series of works. 
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