How to Get Back into Alignment

I've taken these past few weeks to go within, to truly understand how and why the world is transforming and going through so much chaos. We've seen so many buried issues in our world and society rise to the surface.

After taking this time, I'm beginning to understand that everything in life is happening to bring us forward into a higher consciousness of being.

Sometimes we can’t understand it. Sometimes we can’t comprehend it, especially when we’re living in the midst of it within the chaos of the moment. But the Universe is always trying to bring us forward, and sometimes this way of advancing us takes us into different directions.

As Bob Proctor says, “Order is Heaven’s first law.” And out of chaos brings a higher degree of order.

If we choose to follow the law, and go within, go three levels deeper, we can see how sometimes all these moments in life need to happen to bring us and our planet onto a higher level of consciousness and awareness.

I believe each of us is the people that we are because of how we addressed each of the experiences that have come into our lives, whether we perceived them to be positive or negative. But the truth is, nothing is good or bad. Everything just is.

And there is good in everything. And when we live life from this standpoint, we allow ourselves to grow into greater, stronger, and more evolved beings.

I first experienced this truth back in the summer of 2014 when I almost hit my breaking point. That spring and summer, I was honestly living in a state of chaos. My familial relationships were falling apart back at home, and my life was in a state of chaos, trying to meet what felt like impossible school deadlines in the midst of everything. There was no sense of order or stability in my life for so many months, and I'll be honest, I felt so disconnected from myself and my purpose.

And then that summer, I hit a point where I decided enough was enough. I realized there had to be a better way to live life, a better way to perceive the world.

So I started searching for answers. I reached a point of surrender. And once I started reconnecting with my truth and living in alignment with my purpose, my life’s calling, everything started to fall beautifully into place. I started creating artwork that became a pure extension of who I was. And that was when I created my bestselling painting, The Release.

I started manifesting the most amazing friendships, dreams of mine, and creations that I could have never imagined 5-10 years before.

The truth is we all have a choice in how we perceive the different events that come into our lives. When we remember that our lives are happening for us and not to us, we become invincible.

It has taken me a few years to fully understand this, but in this video, I share the story of the journey I took to get back into alignment with who I was. And how you can too.

I believe each of us are infinite beings with the potential to do anything that we set our minds to, but we first need to reconnect to the truth of our inner power, the truth of who we are. Once we’re tapped in, that’s when we become infinite.

I believe you are capable of doing anything that you set your mind to. You are so freakin powerful as a human being on this planet. You just need to remember that and reconnect with that inner truth.

So my question for you: what is one thing you can do today to start reconnecting with you are?

Here’s to connecting to our infinite power within!


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