The Serenity Series

These past few months, I’ve been developing my Serenity series.  I originally started these paintings, not realizing that they were going to be a part of a series until I realized that they all had a strong feeling in common.  My largest painting in the series, embodying the name of Serenity, embraces the concept behind the entire series.


Serenity, 65 x 55in, Oil on Canvas - Work in Progress

I don’t know if you can personally relate, but for years, I used to get so caught up in every detail in life.  I kept wondering why certain things were happening to me when I couldn’t make sense of any of it at all.  Instead of looking at the big picture, I would often get caught up in the present moment and be the thermometer that was continually going up and down. 


Untitled (Detail), 40 x 60in - Work in Progress

It wasn’t until, one day, when I was sitting in my car, in front of a beautiful body of water that I was finally able to see things clearly for the first time in years.  I finally had an understanding of why I was experiencing these specific circumstances. The ultimate reason was I needed to create that change in my life.  I needed to get out of that current situation, that current job, so I could head in the direction that I was supposed to be going in. 


On the School of Greatness Podcast, Ed Mylett describes it beautifully, “Things happen for you, not to you.


When I think about that concept, I see everything in a whole new light.  Instead of asking, “Why me?”, You can ask yourself, “Why am I experiencing this at this moment?  What am I supposed to be getting, learning, or understanding out of this experience?” 


I feel like this insight gives you so much control over your life and makes you realize the big picture, and what’s really important in life. 


Morning Sunrise (Detail) - Current Work in Progress

I am creating this Serenity series to convey this exact idea.  We’re always going to be experiencing reality in all its different forms.  But it’s up to us to look within, or find that place so we can be reminded of the big picture.  And realize why we are currently experiencing specific moments in our life, whether we view them as good or bad.


Desert Essence, Oil on Canvas, 46 x 36in

I hope these paintings allow you to find that sense of serenity in your life, where you can relax, meditate, and take that deep breath that you’ve been longing for. 


Until next time, 




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