The advice I would have given to myself 6 years ago...

These past five years, I've been on a journey and practice of going deeper to discover the truth of who I am. It’s honestly been the most beautiful, wild ride where I continue to dive deeper and discover what I am capable of.

I am so passionate about this because I believe we have this one beautiful opportunity to live life and experience all the beauty that life has to offer on this planet. And it’s up to us to embrace it and tap into the infinite beings that we are.

But here’s the truth, along this journey, it is so easy to be pulled off course. And it’s often by the people we love and trust the most, who just haven’t reached the place that we've reached in their own personal growth. Most of the time, they are the most amazing and loving people, but since they haven’t invested the time into growing themselves, out of love, they will sometimes pull us in the wrong direction.

I experienced this the other day with my own family. And it took some time and some inner work to reconnect with what is actually true in life: that we are God’s highest form of creation and are capable of doing anything that we set our mind to.

It all comes back to our attitude about our lives and how we show up for ourselves every single day.

I believe any of us can reconnect with these truths and realign with ourselves whenever we choose to. It's just a practice that gets stronger the more we grow our awareness and get to know ourselves and what we need to return to the truth of life.

So this is the advice I would give to myself anytime I am pulled off course.

If you are looking to dive deeper, and discover how you can continue living in alignment, no matter what is going on in the world, this video will be the perfect guide to bring you back to your truth. 

So my question for you, what is one thing you can do today to get yourself back into alignment with who you are?

Here’s to living aligned, limitless lives!

With love,



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