The Best Alternative to an Original Painting

Do you wish you could customize an Original Painting to your space? Sometimes you may see an original painting that you love, but it's either not the right dimensions, or it's out of your budget. Here's the next best, modern alternative to purchasing an original painting. 

I first experienced metal prints in person when I went to an Art Fair in Montauk during Memorial Day weekend. These prints were of the work of the photographer, Jonathon Spector. Jonathon Spector is a photographer and surfer who photographs the interior of waves as they are crashing down. These photographs that were printed on metal honestly felt as beautiful and as fragile as a valuable painting that I would hang on my walls. Each metal print felt like it had its own life and its own story to tell. 

I experienced metal prints a second time when I went to the Affordable Art Fair in October 2016.  These were prints of original paintings and drawings created by artists. I just remember that each metal print was so beautiful hanging on the white walls. Each print was its own work of art. 

After witnessing how beautifully these metal prints captured the Jonathon Spector’s work and the work of several artists at the affordable art fair, I became convinced to give my work a new life by printing it on metal.
I think a lot of people might be hesitant to purchase prints of paintings and/or drawings if they typically collect original works of art. But these metal prints did not feel like simple replicas made in a print studio. They appeared as special, original works of art that have a life of their own. They each had a presence of their own. And they probably gave that original painting and drawing a whole new life and perspective since they were recreated on a new and different medium.
Metal prints are created by a sublimation process that consists of infusing dyes into a coated metal panel. Therefore, their look has a slight variation from the original painting. The few times I have experienced them in person, the vibrancy of the colors and the beautiful glass sheen have truly captivated me.

Metal Prints, also known as Aluminum Prints, are high-quality prints of paintings that are either printed on a ChromaLux White Metal Panel or on a Chroma Lux Clear Metal Panel.
Metal prints are for art lovers looking for a trendy, modern way to buy art and decorate their home. They are for people who are interested in an original painting that is not for sale or one that is already sold. Metal Prints are also perfect for people who want a work of art that fits specific dimensions for their home or office or simply cannot afford the original painting.
Metal Prints are a work of art in themselves. They give each painting a whole new life and an entirely new feel, while still capturing the energy and emotions of the original painting. A metal print also has outstanding image clarity, vibrancy, and detail.
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Metal Prints Offer Scratch And Abrasion Resistance
This means that you don’t need to worry about hiding your image behind glass or worry about your image getting scratched.

A process called Sublimation creates the aluminum prints. During this transfer process, the dyes of the print get transferred beneath the aluminum’s exterior coating. This ensures that these finished prints are more durable than paper or canvas prints.
Metal Prints Are Resistant To Heat
Do you live in a climate where there are often high temperatures? If so, you will never need to worry about the prints getting damaged if you live in an area where there are often high temperatures.

You Can Also Clean Them
If you have the concern of getting fingerprints or stains on the surface, you can easily clean the surface of the print without worrying about ruining or wiping away the image. This is because the dyes are underneath the surface coating, so you never need to worry about erasing the image. 
Metal Prints Have The Ability To Look As Modern Or As Traditional As You Wish
Our Metal Prints are already delivered with a wood backing with a sawtooth ready to hang on your walls. If you are looking for a modern look for your home, all you need to do is hang your print on your wall. However, if you are looking for a traditional look, you could place them in conventional frames. These prints can be purchased and delivered to your door framed with our variety of framing options, or you can buy your own conventional frames so they could match the décor in your home.
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